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Hemorrhoid Facts

We have set up this page to try to clarify some little known hemorrhoid facts and hemorrhoid myths.

  • Hemorrhoids affect around 11 million people in the USA alone – that’s about 4% of the countries population.
  • Hemorrhoids are most common in people aged between 45 – 65 years.
  • Hemorrhoids can form internally or externally.
  • Hemorrhoids can be smaller than a pea or larger than a golf ball in extreme cases.
  • Children can get hemorrhoids.
  • Hemorrhoids are more prevalent in overweight people than those who have a healthy body weight.
  • Diets high in fiber reduce the chance of hemorrhoids.
  • Constipation is the number 1 cause of hemorrhoids.
  • Pregnant women are at a much higher risk of hemorrhoids than non pregnant women.
  • Hemorrhoids are also commonly known as haemorrhoids (in the UK, Australia, New Zealand etc) and hemroids.
  • If treated correctly most cases of hemorrhoids can be cured in a weeks time.
  • Men and women have an equal chance of getting hemorrhoids.
  • Hemorrhoids are not contagious.
  • Bright red blood on the stool is a sure symptom of hemorrhoids.
  • Hemorrhoids are almost always not life-threatening although every year in the USA a few hundred people die from hemorrhoids.
  • Fruits and vegetables are great food for sufferers of hemorrhoids.
  • Everyone has hemorrhoids – they only become a problem when they become inflamed.
  • Black pepper doe not cause hemorrhoids.
  • Hemorrhoid surgery is generally very painful and can take weeks to recover from.


Do you have hemorrhoids? Below is a list of the most common symptoms associated with hemorrhoids.

  • Blood in or on the stool
  • Pain during bowel movement
  • A feeling that you cannot finish passing the stool
  • Pain when sitting

Some of the main causes of hemorrhoids include:

  • Constipation
  • Straining during bowel movement
  • Straining to lift heavy objects (or weights)
  • Diarrhea
  • Being overweight
  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Anal sex (this is heavily debated although we believe that anal sex can in fact lead to hemorrhoids)
  • Pregnancy can lead to hemorrhoids
  • Old age
  • Poor digestion

If you suffer from hemorrhoids we strongly recommend you read how to cure hemorrhoids immediately and then take action. Hemorrhoids generally worsen over time and will not disappear by themselves. It’s not uncommon for hemorrhoids to affect people for years on end.
Hemorrhoids can be treated quickly and easily if the correct steps are taken. For more information about how to best treat hemorrhoids visit our page dedicated to hemorrhoid cures.

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